Children learn about the natural world, its animals and other living creatures, as part of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.  This may include contact with animals, or other living creatures, either in the setting or in visits.  We aim to ensure that this is in accordance with sensible hygiene and safety controls.

Animals in the setting

  • If animals are brought in by visitors to show the children, they are the responsibility of the owner.
  • The owner carries out a risk assessment, detailing how the animal or creature is to be handled and how any safety or hygiene issues will be addressed.
  • Children are taught the correct handling and care of the animal or creature and are supervised.
  • Children wash their hands after handling the animal or creature and do not have contact with animal soil or soiled bedding.

Legal framework:

The management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999

Published: 21st September 2021
Review: September 2022
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