We use a mobile phone within the setting and on outings as we have no land line. The use of the phone is used appropriately and does not distract from the quality and care of the children. The camera on the phone is disabled as far as is possible without damaging the phone. The phone is checked frequently for photos and no internet access is accessible.

The manager’s phone is used within the setting for business purposes, but not in the toilet area, internet access is permitted for emails and the camera is used for photos for promoting the website or Facebook site but with no images of children faces. The phone is checked frequently by any member of staff who requests this, the assistant manager or supervisor will document this.

The Assistant Manager may occasionally use her own phone to take photos of the setting to put onto our FaceBook site.  These photos do not include images of the children’s faces and the process is witnessed and documented to ensure safeguarding is not compromised.

Staff are not permitted to use their own phones, only in an emergency and with permission of the Manager/Assistant Manager/Supervisor.

All staff and students hand in their mobile phones at the beginning of every session and must be kept in the locked tin provided at all times.  Management and Supervisors can hand back their phones at the end of their working day.

All cameras including children’s digital cameras must be collected in before the end of each session and memory cards are checked and locked away at the end of the day by a Manager or Supervisor and being signed for by two people. If anything is found to be missing procedures will be put in place to locate them.

Published: 11th September 2021
Review: September 2022
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