The radios are to be used during free flow to the gardens and on outings.

  • Radio’s are distributed between staff and areas of use.
  • The radios will be put on charge every day; this is to reduce the risk of battery failure.
  • When the radios are turned on for use, each radio is set to the same frequency and the volume set to 7. Each radio is then locked.
  • Each staff member must check their radio works – that they can be heard and that they can hear. Any failures must be reported to the manager or supervisor on duty.
  • If there was a failure to two of the radios, then free flow to the gardens would be limited.If the radios were not working at all then a risk assessment would be done and management would make a decision on whether free flow could continue.

Published: 11th September 2021
Review: September 2022
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