We comply with health and safety regulations and the welfare Requirements of the EYFS in making our setting a no smoking environment, both inside and out. At Jack in the Box we take children’s health very seriously. Therefore, the following policy applies:

  • All staff, parents and volunteers are made aware of our no smoking policy.
  • No smoking signs are displayed in the main building.
  • Any staff who smoke do not do so during their working hours.
  • No alcohol is allowed to be brought into or drunk on or around the premises.
  • No drugs should be brought into the premises or taken in or around the premises.
  • We actively support healthy life styles and would actively encourage any staff and parents to seek information on getting help to stop any addictions. This includes the surroundings of the building area.

Please respect this policy. Failure to do so may result in appropriate action being taken.

Published: 11th September 2021
Review: September 2022
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